Poems by Pavani

The Endless Search

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The Search

What do you and I hope to find through the money we earn, the history we learn, the journeys we take, the connections we make and the possessions we seek?

The glories of the past, heroes in the present; the gold in your medals, gifted rose petals; pocket full of money,buying silver cake, honey; sunrise on the mountains, diving under oceans; all the music ears heard, adrenaline in your blood; flickering warmth in her smile, the rising speed of your ride; The little peace you found running hither, tither and there, Did these ever fill those voids your soul just can’t seem to bear?

The more you search, the farther gets the searched.

All of us are in search of something. I write this as an ode to the endless searches.

Can we ever find anything, that we don’t realize within us?

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