Poems by Pavani

Ash and Clay

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Ash and Clay, is an attempt to reconcile with Death and Loss.

“All it is, is flesh and bones;
when it shatters, no one knows.

It’s clay, mere matter!
Vanishes into the mud, does it matter?

What we are, is far more than this.
Know it! You will be The Bliss.

Yeah yeah yeah…

I have heard them say,
the wiser ones who live The Way.

Must be true- what they say.
This body could be ash and clay.

This is what I believed and heard,
Till I saw her in every silver head.

Must be true, what they say.
Still, I miss that ash and clay.

By Pavani Sairam

A poem, written in the memory of a silver head.

A story of loss and death…

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