Once upon a time, about two or three million years ago, our ancestors underwent a transition. For the first time in a million years, the brilliant networks of the Brain started developing in specific ways, witnessing the formation of the very first Frontal Lobe- the centre for Planning.

Internet noise

Did you ever see a trending article or video and thought this is the DEFINITION of Internet Noise? Like: “Oh my God! Why on earth is this ever created!?”. The Internet made it¬†easier for anyone to create and publish their content, without a quality check. While this made it easier for unestablished creators to find a larger audience, it also […]

The Endless Search

The Search: What do you and I hope to find through the money we earn, the history we learn, the journeys we take, the connections we make and the possessions we seek? The glories of the past, heroes in the present; the gold in your medals, gifted rose petals; pocket full of money,